Coleman - Elisha Law Firm and Notary

Coleman – Elisha Law Firm and Notary, is a reputable boutique firm established in 1980, and is recognized as one of the longstanding and leading law firms in the Sharon region. Well-versed in real estate and civil-commercial law, our firm is known for its expertise and professionalism.

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The firm’s partners, attorney Orna Coleman and attorney Yaron Elisha, are both graduates of Tel Aviv University. Founded by attorney Orna Coleman, Yaron Elisha joined as a partner later on. Combining their extensive experience and knowledge accumulated over the years, the attorneys continually expand the scope of the firm’s practice areas. The firm emphasizes providing top-notch professional service with a high level of commitment to clients, reliability, availability, and a dedication to achieving goals.

In addition to their knowledge, professionalism, and over 40 years of experience, the firm places a strong emphasis on providing personalized attention and dedication to clients. Clients are actively involved and engaged in all steps of the service delivery process.

With a client base ranging from private individuals to commercial entities, including private companies, partnerships, entrepreneurs, and contractors, the firm caters to a diverse range of clients. A significant portion of the firm’s clientele consists of long-standing clients who have maintained a relationship with the firm for many years, turning to them for legal services within the firm’s areas of expertise.


The firm boasts extensive expertise in a variety of areas within civil-commercial law and real estate. Legal services provided by the firm encompass real estate, commercial contracts, companies and partnerships, civil litigation, inheritance and estates, financial agreements, and ongoing power of attorney.

Our Team

תמונת פרופיל של ארנה קולמן

Orna Coleman

Partner and Founder

Completed law studies at Tel Aviv University in 1978.
Received legal accreditation from the Bar Association in 1980.
Established the law firm in 1980 upon receiving accreditation.
Granted a notary license in 2000.

תמונת פרופיל של ירון אלישע

Yaron Elisha


Completed military service as a graduate of Unit 8200 in 1982.
Completed law studies at Tel Aviv University in 1987.
Specialized at the Tel Aviv District Court under the late Judge Shaul Aloni.
Received legal accreditation from the Bar Association in 1989.
Granted a notary license in 2005.

תמונת פרופיל של שקד אלישע

Shaked Elisha


Completed law studies at Sha’arei Mishpat College in 2021.
Received legal accreditation from the Bar Association in 2023.
Completed his internship at the law firm, and upon completing the internship and obtaining accreditation from the Bar Association, joined the firm’s team.

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